Style Your Wedding

Cohesion is key.

Before you start trying on dresses, printing your stationery or sampling your cake – look at the big picture.

What vibe do you want to set on your wedding?   Create an overarching concept and stick to it!

 Here’s how: 

Basic #1: Create a brief

Sit down with your partner and write down all the words that describe you as a couple.  It would also help if you can write what you want your wedding to be – what feelings do you want to send.  Decide on your top three wedding style -MUSTS.  This will create a foundation of things that are important to you and your partner which will give you direction and vision for your big day!

If you are still struggling with this first step, use your venue to guide your initial styling.  Are you planning to have a garden ceremony?  Beach? Or Traditional?  Pull inspiration from your venue or if it has striking features or color, consider adding it to your wedding palette.


Basic #2: Research inspiration

Online resources such as Pinterest is a great start.

Collect images of everything you like.  Include different elements of your day (dresses, cake, decorations) and put them together in your mood board/style board.  You can also cut out images from magazines and create your scrapbook.  Remember, this is a process which will help you streamline your thoughts and have that cohesive look all through out.  Group all the images you collected and separate them into different styles or colour palettes.  When reflecting on the images you like, try to be specific, do you like it for the color? shape? texture? Scribble notes as well for your future reference!


Basic #3: Source the right suppliers

Transforming your idea to reality rely on the right people!  Always do your research, ask your suppliers for their portfolio, and most recent work.  Also equally important, read reviews of other customers! Perhaps you found an online retailer who matches your style or personality or perhaps you’d rather hire a company who can supply all the perfect little details -read what the locals say!

If you are based in New Zealand, a facebook group called Wedding Discussion Group – NZ,

is a great place to start to hear brides’ feedback.


–Master the Motif & Don’t Forget the Vibe

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