How to Lose Weight Before the Big Day

There is no rule saying you have to go on a wedding diet. But for some people, shedding a few pounds makes them feel their best in their dress or suit. Unfortunately, that goal might get pushed to the back burner between planning the day and attending a number of appointments. Suddenly, you find yourself a month away from your wedding and the number on the scale is the same.


Crash diets such as juice fasts or cleanses can be tempting “quick fixes” but they won’t help you reach your goal safely. They are going to rob you of the calories and energy that you need to feel good and function properly.

Restrictive diets can also take a toll on your hair, skin, and nails.

You want to go into it feeling your absolute best,

your absolute most confident, energized self.

The best way to do that is to really make sure you focus on

what you’re adding to your diet and not what you’re eliminating.

Choose whole foods

By incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet, you’ll be able to lose weight quickly. They’re powerhouses of nutrition and can fill you up on fewer calories. Try to eat mostly lean proteins and low-carb veggies that are incredibly satisfying and helpful for a shorter period of time. Including low-carb veggies, such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage in your diet can help you to get awesome results with little efforts.


Eat fewer carbs

It seems you can lose several pounds by following a low-carb diet for just a few days. A number of research studies have shown that a low-carb diet is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and improve health. In order to reduce a significant amount of weight, try eliminating or drastically limiting intake of all starchy carbs and sugars for at least a week. Avoiding or reducing carb intake, even for a short-term, can lead to a reduction in body fat and water weight.


Don’t drink your calories

You probably must have heard of this – ‘eat your calories, don’t drink them’. Sugar-sweetened beverages, like soda, are something to avoid when you’re trying to eat healthily and lose weight. They can negatively affect your weight and have disastrous health effects when consumed in excess. Completely avoid sugary drinks if you’re serious about losing weight. Instead opt for water, which has zero calories and helps cleanse your body of toxins. Water helps boost your metabolism and acts as an appetite suppressant, helping you drop those extra pounds effectively. Remember, this is a time for celebrations and parties, so choose your beverages wisely. Alcoholic beverages are something to stay away from or be consumed with caution as they generally have at least 100 calories or more.


Eat smaller portions

Eat smaller portions but more meals – this is very important when you’re trying to shed the pounds. It’s easy to eat or drink more than you planned to. One of the simplest ways to watch your portion sizes is to eat in smaller dishes at meals. Also, serve food in the right portion amounts, and avoid going back for seconds. When you practice portion control, you are less likely to be tempted to overeat or binge. This ultimately helps reduce your calorie intake and aids in weight loss.


Increase your daily activity

In order to burn more calories, you must increase your daily activity. In fact, how active you are throughout the day, especially when you aren’t exercising, plays a significant role when it comes to weight loss. Making simple lifestyle changes such as walking or biking to work, taking the stairs, going for walks outside, sitting less and move more can help you burn extra calories.


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