How to Plan a Garden Wedding

Aisle of lush greens and blooming flowers, the scent of nature warming your heart as you walk towards the man of your dreams, ah! Garden weddings are truly amazing!

If you are are planning to have a garden wedding yourself, here are a few things to remember:

The Weather and the Season

Do you want to get married surrounded by green leaves or orange ones?

The season itself is the first thing you’ll need to consider, and actually the most important!  This will determine the rest of your wedding checklist (the place, the theme, the clothes, the décor, the food, etc.).

While picking the season, you can also consider the weather conditions on that particular period.  This will help you decide on what décor you want to have, the attire of your guests, and even the food!

The Setting

Pick a place that would work best and would look best at your desired season.  Inquire if there are special rules in the venue that you have to adhere to.  Also, make sure that your guests would be comfortable in it and not feel too hot or too cold.

The Food

Serving ice cream cake on a summer garden wedding sounds fantastic, but you would also want a cake that would also be fit for the season or weather.  If you’re planning to have a full outdoor wedding, it’s best to find cakes that would last the outdoors.  This goes for the rest of the menu as well.

The Guests

Inform your guests ahead of time that you’ll be having a garden wedding.  Advise them on the proper attire or footwear and if there is an influx of pollen coming (if you’re getting married during spring),  -your guests would highly appreciate the information!

The Contingency

Last but definitely not the least, always have a Plan B.

The weather can be really tricky and this is the worst enemy of outdoor weddings. If you’re planning a full outdoor garden wedding, consider the idea that you might need to relocate in case it rains.  Reserve an extra place, or at least a covered area near or within your venue, as a contingency.  Include in the wedding invite what happens in case it rains so that your guests would know what to do.

#01 Plant Fun Fact
Featured Image Credits to:  Kristoffer Trolle

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