10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine

Our thirst for borrowing beauty tips from other culture shows no signs of slowing down.  For most bride to be’s, being her best self is top on the wedding preparation list.

While others focus on getting fit for the right dress and having an Instagram-ready make-up; I on the other hand, have long obsessed in achieving a supple and bouncy looking skin.

So today, I’d like to talk about the 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine!

Having 10 steps in any routine can sound daunting, let alone for someone who is planning a wedding.  Honestly, it sounds expensive too!  But fret not, because here’s some facts that you need to know:

  1.  While this skin care routine says “10-Step”, you DON’T necessarily have to do all 10 steps every day.
  2.  The key is learning the purpose of each step and aligning it with your personal skin goals.
  3.  Great skin care routine minimizes the need to spend on correcting/concealing products.



Now, enough chit chat and let’s hit START:


This is the base of Korean skin care routine and the first step of double cleansing.  It may sounds a little OTT, but double cleansing really works.  For the first cleanse, imagine it as a make up remover which aims to draw out oil based impurities.


Lathering water based cleanser makes room for any products you apply afterwards to penetrate deeper.  Making them more effective!  Think of it as a clean canvas that you can now start working on.  Also, clean skin will allow active ingredients to penetrate better.  This means that the succeeding products that you will apply will work more effectively.


Physical and chemical exfoliation can help clean pores and and slough off dead skin cells for visible brighter and smoother skin.  While others recommends to exfoliate regularly, I only ever do this once a week.  Highlighting once a gain that you can customize the tradition 10-Step Skin Care Routine.


Toners remove any leftover residue from cleansers while repairing the skin barrier to better absorb moisturizing products.  Hence, it is the ultimate prep product!

I will add my personal disclaimer here though.  I do tend to shy away from western brands, only because I find that they are too strong for my skin.  In the past, I would often associate toners to feelings of pain.  Ha!  But after discovering Korean Skin Care, I realized that most of their toners are gentle for the skin.  It’s as if your skin is simply drinking water.


It hydrates and claims to help with skin cell turnover.  It also helps with repairing the skin from day to day damage.


This includes serums, ampules and boosters.  Depending on your routine or the skin problem that you are trying to correct, you may have to apply products on alternate days.  Specific skin concerns can include acne, fine line and skin pigmentation.


The heart of Korean Skin Care Routine and the soul of my beauty therapy.  Sheet masks infuse your skin with concentrated essences and provide your spirit with much needed quiet and tranquil escape.  Left for about 15-20 minutes, the result is quickly gratifying.  For this step, most recommend using it once or twice a week max, because by using it excessively, it can actually drain moisture away from your skin.


Eye cream are concentrated products that hydrates  and protects delicate eye area.  It also prevents dark circles, puffiness and keep crow’s feet at bay!


Seals in moisture for a plump and smooth looking skin.  Moisturizers can come in different forms but for someone like me (who has dry and dehydrated skin), I prefer cream and lotion type over gel.


This is specially important for us here in New Zealand, which identified Skin Cancer as the most common cancer in the country.  So, other than cosmetic reasons, we have to proactively protect our skin from damaging UV rays.  Applying sunscreen is the easiest and most effective way to prevent premature ageing!

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