Find a Wedding Theme that Suits You

Congratulations on your engagement!

By now, you are probably noticing the tiny details that goes on with wedding planning. And, although you may have a ‘dream wedding idea’, the details may not necessarily be as clear. So, if you are having a difficult time pinning down that exact wedding style, here are some tips to consider!


First comes preference
Consider what your styling taste is like. Do your prefer simple yet sophisticated style? Or do you feel more comfortable with elaborate and intricate designs? What do you find more pleasing in the eyes? Soft, calm pastel colors? Or loud and bold colors? Sit down with your partner and find out what your personal preferences are. Come up with themes that you can both enjoy.


Find inspiration
Now that you have a general idea about the themes and colors that appeals to you the most, gather some styling inspiration. Read content from blogs and bridal magazines. Check out wedding-related websites and physical stores. Pay close attention to the details (props, stationery, attire) that compliment your theme.



Limit your choices
After collecting different ideas for your wedding, visualize how you can merge it into a cohesive design. Evaluate each element and let go of the ones that do not align with your vision. Also, be careful not to overwhelm yourself with choices. Instead, focus on your own wedding style.


Focus on sharing your story
Always remember that this event is about you and your partner. Don’t be afraid to add some personal touches. Your personalities (both as individuals and as a couple) should be the highlight of the event. Weddings are much memorable when it reflects the character of the couple. Think of things that relate to your relationship: shared interest/occupation, pets, opposite personalities, aspirations or simply, narrate your journey about finding each other.


Have fun!
We know you want your wedding to be perfect. Who doesn’t? But don’t get hung up on the small details. Even with months (or even years!) of planning and preparation, problems can still happen. Instead of meticulously focusing on tiny details, use this time to get to know your partner better. Rather than seeing wedding planning as a tedious task, make it an enjoyable bonding experience for you and your partner!



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