How to Lose Weight Before the Big Day

There is no rule saying you have to go on a wedding diet. But for some people, shedding a few pounds makes them feel their best in their dress or suit. Unfortunately, that goal might get pushed to the back burner between planning the day and attending a number of appointments. Suddenly, you find yourself a month away from your wedding and the number on the scale is the same.


Crash diets such as juice fasts or cleanses can be tempting “quick fixes” but they won’t help you reach your goal safely. They are going to rob you of the calories and energy that you need to feel good and function properly.

Restrictive diets can also take a toll on your hair, skin, and nails.

You want to go into it feeling your absolute best,

your absolute most confident, energized self.

The best way to do that is to really make sure you focus on

what you’re adding to your diet and not what you’re eliminating.

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Involve Your Groom in Wedding Planning


To succeed as a married couple, it is essential to develop good communication, teamwork, patience, and trust. All these characteristics are formed from the time you start dating, but all of the things you’ve learned will be tested once you are engaged and planning the wedding.

Planning a wedding is an enormous task that involves a lot of decision making. By working as a couple, you can avoid putting the burden on just the bride and learn how to compromise with each other. If you want your groom to become more involved, here are a few tips on how to get him to be more enthusiastic about preparing for your big day. Continue reading “Involve Your Groom in Wedding Planning”


Style Your Wedding

Cohesion is key.

Before you start trying on dresses, printing your stationery or sampling your cake – look at the big picture.

What vibe do you want to set on your wedding?   Create an overarching concept and stick to it!


 Here’s how: 


Basic #1: Create a brief

Sit down with your partner and write down all the words that describe you as a couple.  It would also help if you can write what you want your wedding to be – what feelings do you want to send.  Decide on your top three wedding style -MUSTS.  This will create a foundation of things that are important to you and your partner which will give you direction and vision for your big day!

If you are still struggling with this first step, use your venue to guide your initial styling.  Are you planning to have a garden ceremony?  Beach? Or Traditional?  Pull inspiration from your venue or if it has striking features or color, consider adding it to your wedding palette.


Basic #2: Research inspiration

Online resources such as Pinterest is a great start.

Collect images of everything you like.  Include different elements of your day (dresses, cake, decorations) and put them together in your mood board/style board.  You can also cut out images from magazines and create your scrapbook.  Remember, this is a process which will help you streamline your thoughts and have that cohesive look all through out.  Group all the images you collected and separate them into different styles or colour palettes.  When reflecting on the images you like, try to be specific, do you like it for the color? shape? texture? Scribble notes as well for your future reference!


Basic #3: Source the right suppliers

Transforming your idea to reality rely on the right people!  Always do your research, ask your suppliers for their portfolio, and most recent work.  Also equally important, read reviews of other customers! Perhaps you found an online retailer who matches your style or personality or perhaps you’d rather hire a company who can supply all the perfect little details -read what the locals say!


If you are based in New Zealand, a facebook group called Wedding Discussion Group – NZ,

is a great place to start to hear brides’ feedback.


–Master the Motif & Don’t Forget the Vibe



“I said YES” – now what?

I bet you still have that smiling face after getting officially engaged!

The flutter beating of your heart, that rapid breathing… that’s excitement right?

Uh… no, no!

Don’t listen to that anxious voice slowly creeping in your brain and overwhelming you with worry.

Don’t overthink, feel. 

I got your back remember?

Here’s some basic steps to consider after you said ‘Yes’.


Basic Step #1: Set a date as soon as you can.

Trust me when I say that organizing a wedding takes a lot of coordination.  To say the least, you should have a general timeframe to help you pin down vendors, venues, guests.  If you have someone who you absolutely need to there on your wedding day, having a definite date (well in advanced) could definitely assist them in re-arranging their existing commitments (work or planned holiday).


Basic Step #2: Set a budget.

Sit with your fiancé and re-look at your combined income and expenses.  As a team, decide how much you can save between now and your wedding date, and how much of that amount you are happy to set aside for your wedding expenses.  Also consider relatives who may be able to contribute to your honeypot.  Note:  I said consider not expect. 💖


Basic Step #3:  Build your tribe.

After deciding the number of guests you’d like to have on your day, you and your fiancé can start contacting your wedding party. Think of people who can and will be committed to help you with the preparations.  By the way, before you get over caffeinated, remember that having a large wedding party also means that you will need to coordinate multiple people with multiple schedules and priorities.  Likewise, if you prefer to keep things simple and go without a wedding party -that’s your call, friend!


Basic Step #4:  Research Venue, Officiant & Vendors

If you have already set your heart on a venue – BOOK THAT NOW.

(There’s no time like the present!)


If you haven’t, then it pays to do your research first and look at venues which will fit your budget and wedding concept (traditional, garden, beach). Some things to consider when researching your venue includes: distance, package inclusion (staff, set-up and pack down, catering), amenities, guest capacities, car park, corkage fee or any extra fees.  It’ll also be very practical to do site visits, so that your expectations matches reality.  Depending on your religion, spiritual orientation or absence there of, it is also important to book your officiant well in advance.  By advance, I mean around 9 to 18 months.


Other Vendors:

·        Decide if you are getting a wedding coordinator.  Some offers services which include planning your wedding from scratch to coordinating on the day or just a day coordinator.

·        Photographer/Videographer.  Do your research.  Look at their portfolios, previous works and reviews.  Meet them in person, if you can.  Ask how long it takes to get the printed photos or completed videos.  Also consider, if you’d like to have engagement/pre-nup photos taken, and if you can get this for a discounted price.

·        Caterers and Alcohol/Non-Alcohol Tab.  If this is not included in your venue then it will be good to do a fair research on local caterers in your area.  Ask about buffet or plated options.  Based on your initial budget, set aside an amount for your alcohol/non-alcohol tab.

·        Florist.  While most brides have traditional floral arrangements and sits down with a florist, you may feel that silk arrangement is for you.  If so, consider looking at available market online.  Or if you are lucky, there may be a local shop that is already near you!

·        Hair & Make up.  Decide on the style that you want for your big day, hair up vs hair down (or both!), day or night make-up. Attend trial hair and make-up to see how the style will look at you.

·        Music.  If you can, see and hear your potential musicians perform live otherwise, some records their music and upload it on their site.

·        Transportation. If you are having two separate locations (for ceremony and reception), transport is an important considerations.  Popular wedding transportations include limos and vintage cars.


Basic Step #5:  Create your timeline

Be your own Wedding Police Officer and set due dates for your self.  Know how far ahead you need to book a specific vendor and keep an eye on your budget.  Refer to your wedding inspiration to ensure that your style is cohesive and true to you and your fiancé.  Most importantly have fun and celebrate little achievements!




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