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How to Manage the Stress of Wedding Planning

Major life events (happy or sad occasions) are intrinsically stressful.  We all go through different milestones in life, moving home, changing jobs or the birth and death of someone we love.  Some people transition through these changes with ease while others struggle with great difficulty. The good thing to recognize is that stress management (while it seems to be an abstract concept) is actually … Read More How to Manage the Stress of Wedding Planning


Free: Wedding Budget Template

If you’ve just got engaged, congratulations, and welcome to a very exciting time of your life!  One of the few things you should do is work your way through the initial wedding planning checklist which also includes budgeting! The first step of budgeting is to identify what you can comfortably afford to spend and figure what kind, size and style of wedding will work … Read More Free: Wedding Budget Template

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